For those of who are either new to the wards, or have been away from them for some time, it will likely be a challenge to acclimatise yourself to the pace and scale of patient care required, as well as the breadth of presentations you may encounter. Though much of your time on the wards during this period will be spent tending to patients affected by the coronavirus, it is important to keep in mind that there will still be people arriving at hospital with bowel obstruction, gallstones or any number of otherwise common emergency presentations. The e-learning resources collected here offer easily digestible overviews of a variety of emergency topics ranging from hernias and soft tissue infections, to conditions affecting the upper- and lower-GI and vascular systems. These will provide a useful refresher to help your confidence in managing patients with a multitude of potential presentations. After all, even in times of crisis, appendicitis will still be a regular occurrence.

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Specialty Skills in Emergency and Trauma e-learning for COVID-19
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